‘Watch this space’

It won’t be long before I create a Publishizer pre-order campaign to start taking pre-orders for my picture book, Cheetah the Cheater.

Publishizer is a crowd-funding website to pre-order books, designed to reduce the financial risk for independent authors to go through the expensive process of producing and printing their book. It’s also a way for publishers to gauge public interest in these books, and thus allows authors and publishers to team up to get the book out there!

As we all know, if you’re going to promote a book, you need a great cover. But unfortunately I don’t yet have a cover.

This won’t come until later in the sketching/designing/illustrating stage. Bruno, my book designer, tells me that a cover needs to reflect what is inside the book. And, logically, this means that you need to do the inside of the book first. Which is still in progress.

Thus, my pre-order campaign is, at this point in time, ‘coming soon’.

But definitely check out Publishizer though! Won’t be too long until ‘Cheetah the Cheater’ is on there for all to see!