Cheetah the Cheater
Dr. Jarrad B. Elson

Deep in the jungle, there’s much to be seen,
Like tall, leafy trees that are all shades of green.

Some birds coloured red, others yellow or blue,
And animals too, that play games just like you.

There’s Tiger and Hippo, and Chimp full of cheek,
And others who love to play chess and go-seek.

But cards they play most, and each day they’re all in,
Yet one grinning critter will every time win.

It’s Cheetah the Cheater, that super-sly creature!
No matter your cards, he always will beat ya.

So day after day and game after game,
He wins with the aces; it’s always the same.

“You always come first; never second, nor third!”
The others protest, “How’s it so? It’s absurd!”

“I guess I’m just good!” says Cheetah all sly,
“It’s easy as pie, when you’re clever as I!”

It doesn’t take long until tempers run hot;
They know there’s a secret that Cheetah has got.

So Sloth is sent off to the sly cheetah’s den
To learn how he always wins time and again.

He snoops and he spies from high in the trees,
The sloth can view everything; guess what he sees?

The cheetah, he tinkers with gadgets all night,
That whizz, whir and spin with their lights that shine bright.

They move cards around; hide an ace up his sleeve,
Sneak peeks behind backs like you would not believe.

With cameras and mirrors, and claws that extend,
His pockets and lockets hide jokers no end.

Aghast are the others to learn Cheetah’s deeds,
“We need to do something! A lesson he needs!”

Their heads put together, their brains start to storm,
They dream and they scheme and a plan starts to form.

The sun starts to set and they find Cheetah’s door,
They knock till it opens; ’twas hard to ignore.

“Good evening dear Cheetah!” they greet with a smile,
“A challenge we have! It’s a race of one mile!”

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