Hi everyone! Thanks for  checking out my page.

So here’s a disclaimer. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but I feel I have to be honest:

I’m not a full-time author. I’m actually a dentist.

But one day I decided to try and prove a point – that it’s dead easy to write a children’s story!

So I wrote one. And guess what – it was a lot more difficult than I thought. But you know what – I really enjoyed writing it!

People asked me if I would turn it into a book. I decided that I would like that very much.

So I rewrote it to make it better. And then I rewrote it again to make it even more better. And then I did that about five thousand times. And so began a year-long obsession with getting the story published.

It’s been a real adventure; learning from books such as The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson, perfecting the story, contacting publishers, never hearing back from publishers, contacting agents, agents telling me that they don’t want anything to do with kid’s books, and finally making the decision that I was going to take matters into my own hands and make the story into a book myself.

And that was just the beginning.

So I’ve decided to create this website to share that adventure. I hope that by giving a ‘behind the scenes’ insight into what kind of effort has actually gone into this book, people might see my book in a different light. And who knows, people might be more inclined to buy it!

Getting into kid’s writing is not an easy nut to crack, so if my writing ends up helping anyone with knowing where to start, then I’ll be very happy.

Enjoy the site, and enjoy the story!

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